4 thoughts on “Anti-telemarketing Trick”

  1. As much as I’d love to take credit for it, I must confess I picked up that lovely phrase from the ever-fabulous Halcyon, who has more happiness in his panties (mental or otherwise) than just about anyone.


  2. This is a test post to see if my upgrade to Movable Type 2.0 is working. It’s been quite the ride, not due to any failing of MT but to my own unfamiliarity with WinZip and CuteFTP. I haven’t gotten to where I can actually post again, but at least today I’ve finally gotten through uploading the new files and running the upgrade script successfully.


  3. Here is what I always do:
    I tell the marketeer that they probably want to talk to my father, and then ask them to wait while I go get him. Since my father died ten years ago, this is going to take a while. In the mean time I just keep the person waiting. After about ten minutes I go check if they are still there. Usually they are. They are either humming to themselves, or asking a superior what to do. It’s pretty funny, actually.


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