Breakfast in a Sock

Some mornings you need something stronger than the usual drive time chatter. Today I tuned in to The Sandman. Alas, my good friend Pete Spomer no longer broadcasts, but I have a mix tape he made some years back called “Songs To Annoy My Friends”. There’s something special about a day that starts with Fred Lane’s The French Toast Man.


I notice that our tax dollars will be going to support a “kid-friendly” section of the internet. Given that it will be protecting the little darlings by these means

Web sites in the domain would be prohibited from linking to sites outside it, and they could not set up chat rooms, instant messaging or other interactive services unless they could certify that they did not expose children to pedophiles or pose other risks.

I’d say it’s really more of an intranet than the internet per se.

Also, given this clause

If privately held NeuStar were to lose money on the venture, it could give control back to the Commerce Department, which would seek another operator

I fear that the kids will be protected from the terrible danger of exposure to pictures of naked people (that’s sarcasm, folks), but be laid wide open to corporate messages on every page. Well, I guess I should be glad there could be a place for kids which is free from “sexually explicit material, hate speech, violence or other material not suitable for minors”, but I sure do think commercial advertising falls under that last clause.

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