Damned Computers

I’m really getting ticked off. All I want to do is invite lots of people to Edmond’s welcome home parties. This has enough challenges of its own because I need to figure out who should get invited and find email addresses for his friends.

Problem #1: Evite doesn’t seem to work very well in IE for Mac on OS X. I spent 2 hours last night pounding on it, trying unsuccessfully to get it to allow me to use a different image on the invite than the default and semi-successfully to add multiple recipients. It was completely inconsistent in its behavior and I managed to lose all the addresses it had accepted so far. So I gave up on that.

Problem #2: Evite doesn’t work any better on Edmond’s PC.

Problem #3: Edmond’s computer has suddenly decided it won’t retrieve or send mail due to some nasty new error in something called pcproxy.exe. So I need to look at his address book on his computer and then type them in on my Mac. I don’t want to try to fix it – it’s probably just because Microsoft operating systems are fucking dairy products and it hasn’t had an engineer fussing over it for five months. [Update: it will send, it just won’t receive. Some improvement anyhow…I’ll take it.]

Problem #4: My damned neighbors keep treating the street like their living room and they talk louder than the loud family on that old Saturday Night Live sketch (not to be confused with the band or the publically documented real live family whose last name happened to be Loud).

Problem #5: I’m cranky.

Problem #6 [identified by Chris]: Evite is goat-flavored.

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Dinah from Kabalor

Author. Discardian. GM. Current project: creating an inclusive indie fantasy ttrpg https://www.patreon.com/kabalor

3 thoughts on “Damned Computers”

  1. Big sympathy hug for Dinah.
    And another one for the loud neighbor thing — my neighbors live on our common porch area. You’d think they didn’t actually occupy indoor units. And this puts them right outside my windows… and yes, they too are loud (if not Loud).


  2. You say: “Microsoft operating systems are fucking dairy products”.
    I wonder what you mean by that. Presumably you use “dairy products” in derogatory mode, which is fine by me, they deserve all the derogging they get, but I must have been asleep under a rock when that use of “dairy products” was coined.
    Enlighten me via email and I will mention you in my nightly Zen prayers for at least a month and a day.


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