I just don’t get it.

Caterina is right on the money with this observation:

There appears to be some kind of denim disease going around that removes the top three inches from everyone’s pants and causes spots to appear on the upper thighs and buttocks of certain jeans. If you think your jeans may be susceptible, or have had recent contact with jeans exhibiting these symptoms, you should contact the CDC immediately. [source]

What is with these kids today? Sheesh.

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2 thoughts on “I just don’t get it.”

  1. I recently read the entire text of the Elizabethan sumptuary laws and there’s a special section which strictly limits the amount of fabric which is allowed be used in hose. One gets the impression that men were running around in hose that were so extremely baggy that they had to make laws against it. One couldn’t carry a sword over one yard long, either. So imagine young men with extraordinarily long rapiers dragging on the ground and their hose gathering around their ankles. Nothing’s new.


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