Are they hoping we just won’t notice these logical inconsistencies?

Uncle Larry writes:

Remarkable stuff in the papers if you read past the lead paragraphs. CIA says we’re in just as much danger now as just before 9-11. In other words, the war on Afghanistan and all the police state measures have done no good. They have identified most of the major funders of Al Quaeda, who are almost all wealthy Saudis. Most of the 9-11 terrorists were Saudis. But we’re about to wage war on Iraq, while Saudi Arabia is our staunch ally. Then we know that North Korea has all the weapon programs that Saddam is feared to possibly be about to develop, but we are taking a diplomatic approach to them. Could this have something to do with oil or the lack thereof? Aaaargh! I think we need an opposition party!

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4 thoughts on “Are they hoping we just won’t notice these logical inconsistencies?”

  1. I have the strange feeling that the differences between our tactics towards Iraq and North Korea are the differences between someone protecting his family from a guy who’s threatening to pull a gun and a guy who already has one out.


  2. So this strange someone is attacking the one who might pull a gun (Iraq believed by some to be building weapons of mass destruction but by others not to be capable of it at this point) instead of the one who has one out (North Korea who has admitted to building nuclear weapons) or the supposed friend who already fired a shot (Saudi Arabia, where it appears most of the money and people behind the 9-11 attacks originated)?


  3. well … N Korea is a lot different from the Middle East. Remember that N Korea can devastate Seoul with conventional weapons – as the first shot of a war. They don’t *need* WMD to accomplish any war goals. N Korea also doesn’t appear to be interested in going to war with S Korea (and the US). They haven’t been for a long time, and since Kim Il Jong has been in power, they have slowly been opening up, and they appear to want to change. Note that they *didn’t* lie when presented with the evidence, they way that Saddam would have. Saddam really is corrupted by power, and he currently is in the belief that WMD enhance and consolidate his power – mostly at home. We would most likely only be able to remove them from his cold, dead hands, while with Korea we can probably get them to destroy them in a verifiable way. Oil is certainly not a non-issue, but really, the differences in our posture have less to do with oil than attitude.
    Saudi Arabia is not and has never been our “friend”, they just tolerate our money, and we only deal with them because they have oil. If we take action in Iraq, we will probably destabilize the Saudi regime, we will become the targets of Islamist terrorist groups, etc. If we leave, Bin Laden may be able to walk into the palace and force King Fahd to create an Islamist “democratic” state in Saudi. But they will probably stop bothering us.
    Oil sux.


  4. All other things aside, do keep in mind that while North Korea has admitted to its nuke program, that country has never taken over an independent country, used weapons of mass destruction (or chemical/biological weapons), and is, at least for now, isolated in a relatively peaceful section of the globe. You cannot say the same for Saddam and Iraq.
    I think it’s fairly clear that we would prefer for neither regime to possess or pursue weapons of mass destruction, and their neighbors feel the same way. The difference is that diplomacy has a good chance of working with North Korea, and we’ve spent 10 years failing in that attempt with Iraq. When you add the differing tendencies to *use* said weapons…
    Well, it’s a sticky and unpleasant situation however you look at it. Here’s wishing the world luck.


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