Hot indeed.

I took it fairly easy today but did have a very pleasant outing with my friend Fil. He called yesterday to say the friend he’d planned to go with had to back out and would I care to go to the matinee of the musical “Some Like It Hot” starring Tony Curtis (this time as the rich old millionaire instead of a cute guy in drag). We had a great time, made even better by the surprise to me of front row seats!

The show was quite enjoyable with good music, excellent costuming & staging and a fantastic cast. Mr. Curtis did not steal the show, but he was, according to Fil, no disappointment (unlike his recent experience of Robert Goulet in South Pacific and Ann-Margaret in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas).

We were fortunate, I think, in seeing the understudy, Jacqueline Bayne, playing the Marilyn Monroe part of Sugar. She had a magnificent voice and from the biographies I’m guessing she wasn’t trying to be Monroe which it sounds like the normal person does. Her style of speech was reminding Fil of Katherine Helmann’s ditzy character on the tv series Soap. Sweet but spacy.

William Ryall as Spats the gangster was great – they did a wonderful effect of having all the gangsters tap dance their machine gun fire. Very good dancing by many of the leads. Timothy Gulan and Arthur Hanket as our fearless heroines, er, heroes, were really fun and carried the parts well.

We were also really impressed by one of the chorus members whose name we never caught. He was absolutely everything you want in a member of a show, great dancer, good voice, and, above all, projecting the right mood at all times. Thanks to Google, by searching for a random chorus member’s name and the name of the show, I found a page with pictures of the whole ensemble ( and learned the promising fellow is Gair Morris. Worth watching for him in the future, I say.

All in all, I highly recommend the show to those who enjoy good song & dance. Costume buffs may also wish to attend – Suzy Benzinger’s work in this one is outstanding.

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