Enough. The party has failed me.

Yesterday’s passage of the Homeland Security bill by the senate without the removal of all the unsavory corporation benefits tacked onto it was the last straw. My senators, both Democrats, voted for it and I’m thoroughly disgusted with them.

For most of my adult life I have been registered as a Democrat. There were a few forays into the Green party, but the desire to have more influence in the primaries lured me back to the donkey. It’s been a lukewarm commitment born of expedience not inspiration. I voted for Gray Davis so that Simon wouldn’t win, for Gore trying to stop Bush Jr. from taking office.


It’s time to vote my conscience and to try to convince others too disgusted to vote to register and vote theirs. Disapproval without actively supporting alternatives is a waste of time. I’m registering Green.

If you agree, do the same. Do it now.

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6 thoughts on “Enough. The party has failed me.”

  1. I’ve been registered Green my entire adult life, and haven’t regretted a moment of it. I refuse to vote against my conscience or beliefs — what otherwise would be the point? Anyway, welcome to the party. :^)


  2. I’m afraid I’ve known too many Libertarians who called out for an end to many government programs, but who were not the sort of people who ever seemed to do anything to suggest they’d step in and pitch out in the community when those programs went away.
    Frankly, if the Libertarian party wanted to be more convincing, it could stand to spend a good deal more time on neighborhood clean-up projects, helping local senior citizens, leading after-school programs, running soup kitchens, etc.


  3. dear meta-girl
    You apparently welcome comments, so here goes:
    You are wrong to give up on the democratic party– if anything, progressive persons voting green only serves to strengthen the gop’s hand, and this has tangible negative consequences, and will always be true unless the green party
    targets uncontested house seats and stops running presidential and senate candidates, which seems unlikely at present. Don’t give up on the
    democrats– if all progressives do the DLC will be the only part of the party left.


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