This afternoon and evening are about choices, changes and letting go. I have decided to no longer own a PC, so I’ve been going through all my boxed software and setting aside items to sell or give away. I’ve also come to the realization that I love DVDs and hate tv, so I really don’t need all these videos. More things go on the sell or give away piles.

Hard to part with items that are available for Mac or on DVD are going on my Amazon wishlist. Ah, and that has prompted me to update my list, a task which does not seem to go well in Mozilla 1.1. Which means the switch away from Microsoft Internet Explorer won’t be happening just yet.

In a month and a half I’ll be looking for a new apartment to switch to, but after a sudden shopping trip this evening (“Oh no! I need another teaspon of turmeric for this recipe! And I’m out of frozen organically grown peas! And I want an extra strong Jamaican Ginger Beer!”) which was completely successful, I am feeling reluctant to move out of range of my lovely neighborhood market, Nabila’s.

[San Francisco readers: If you know of a quiet studio or one-bedroom apartment that will be available in mid to late January or on February 1st which has rent under $1150, no upstairs neighbors, a gas stove, enough room for a California king size bed, more than 6 feet of kitchen counter space (or room for a kitchen table) and an easy route to BART, please drop me an email at this domain. Thanks.]

I begin to think that my first decade or so was for learning about the world around me, my teens were for learning that world didn’t revolve around me, my twenties were for trying new things and my thirties have shaped up to be about focusing on the things I like and which really matter to me. I hypothesize that my forties will be about living that optimized life and seeing if it is as good as I hoped, perhaps adding to it or paring it down further. How about you? What are the themes of your life so far?

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