Intuit dropping the ball?

Hi everyone, had nice holidays I hope?

Has anyone tried the latest version of Quicken for the Macintosh? Is it any better than Quicken 2002 Deluxe?

It pains me to say so, having been a loyal Intuit customer for at least 11 years and having evangelized about their products to many an individual and small business, but Quicken 2002 Deluxe is crappy software. It’s buggy as batshit and very poorly adapted to OS X (e.g. minimized windows can’t be retrieved by clicking the links & buttons that refer to them in Quicken, you have to go to the dock and select them. Pathetic). That last fact really gets my goat as they used to make great products for the Mac.

Any inside info out there? Have they given up on the Mac just as it’s going through a resurgence? Have they lost all their talented programmers? Are the executives under some sort of illusion that people will keep buying their stuff because of its name even if it crashes all the time – and by all the time I mean total crashes about half the time upon deleting a transaction and quitting the program via the menu command results in a “The application Quicken has quit unexpectedly” error message. Sweet Jumping Jeebus, what did they do to their lovely program?!

*sigh* Anyone know a good alternative? Especially one that permits me to connect to Wells Fargo and download my transactions?

[Oh man. I just read all the reviews for Quicken 2003 for Mac and I’m even more ready to wave Quicken bye-bye. “more bugs than the 2002 version” hardly seems possible. This is sad news indeed. Intuit used to be a good company, but I don’t see how I can really trust their products anymore, particularly with my money. I think it may be time to write a little software requirements document and buy my codin’ sweetheart some dinners at Frjtz…]

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4 thoughts on “Intuit dropping the ball?”

  1. Hi,
    We’ve just posted Budget version 3.3. It’s got lots of new features and a few bug fixes as well. We’re always open to feature suggestions and comments. Let us know what you think.


  2. I have had very good luck with Quicken 2003 for Mac. I have been a Quicken user on PC since 1993 and have relied on it for years. I used the 2003 Mac version in Beta and found only one bug in my testing. The plain version has been stable and non-buggy.


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