Wow. That hardly hurt at all…

My fear of visiting Houston, Texas, turns out to have been unnecessary. Though I did see big hair, hear alarming accents, get subjected to an anti-Osama joke from the funeral deal hawking shuttle bus driver, find myself surrounded by rampant religiousity and have a bitch of a time finding something to eat at the convention besides BBQ, the trip was redeemed by:

– the kickass staff of theWarwick Hotel
– the great musical selection at Sound Waves
– the best meal I’ve had all year at Boulevard Bistrot
– a surprise opportunity to attend the Cirque du Soleil’s “Allegria”

So I learned I can survive Texas outside of Austin. Of course, I also learned that even if I stick to the hipster district and some carefully selected activities I will be constantly reminded that I am Not Like Them. Take me home where the freaks are, baby.

(Also should mention I had a bad case* of manufactured mood overload when I was stuck with eating dinner in a Bennigan’s restaurant. It’s like they programmed a computer to recognize nostalgia-provoking objects & music, but forgot to tell it to only do one at a time. 80s-Irish-50’s-sports-30s-southwestern-70s-pub…and here I began to twitch…)

*Cayce Pollard

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