I am stoked six ways from Sunday right now. Thanks to B.J. & Beverly, tonight I got to go to the Fillmore to see The Rock Bottom Remainders with special guest Roger McGuinn play. Yes, I’m a hippie chick now; I’ve listened to him play “Nine Miles High” at the fuckin’ Fillmore, baby.

Plus there was a nice surprise: Robin Williams did a long comedy set to kick things off. Very funny.

I saw Amy Tan whip Roger McGuinn’s ass and put her cigarette out on Scott Turow’s head during “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. Scott makes quite the fun remainderette, I must say. If I were his type and single, I might be makin’ moves. Of course, I rather suspect I’d be standing in line.

Moment that made me wish I’d brought panties to throw on stage: Greg Iles’s version of “Steamroller”. MmmMMMmm.

The best though?
I will now be practicing the electric guitar with Dave Barry‘s lovely red pick.

Rock on!

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