Just got home from seeing Throwing Muses at Slims. Very enjoyable. Great bassist too, not Tanya Donnelly, but really good. The opening band was Audio Learning Center and they were pretty decent.

Plus we had the pleasant surprise of bumping into Mike, Karen, Lawrence and Peter up from the south bay.

Nice waitress, clean bathroom, good drinks, tasty nachos also, clean cab on the way home, so all in all a very good evening.

The only fly in our ointment was the man we were sitting behind who I dubbed “The Vidal Sassoon Chair Dancer”.
A) Chair dancing shouldn’t involve the whole body.
B) I don’t care how fabulously healthy your hair is, you will look like a dork if you toss it around like that.
C) It’s no longer cool to get that ice skater, curved under at the end sort of haircut. The 70’s were a long time ago, honey.

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