Making Dream Stock

For better dreams, season your mind before bed with stimulating and unusual imagery and/or writing.

Last night I read more of The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Subsequently, in a dream, I was working on a story with a group – sort of writing it, sort of reading what we already had and rehearsing it for performance – much as Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason Leigh did with the actors who worked on their movie The Anniversary Party, the making of and commentary on which I had watched on evenings over the past few days.

My character’s name in the story in my dream is “Otto Oxox”. I read this on some notes summarizing the characters and key information about them and I mention that because reading in dreams is usually difficult. In this case, I read it in the dream, looked away, looked back and read it again and it still said the same thing: “OTTO OXOX”. Maybe uppercase letters are easier to read in dreams.

By the way, Google knows nothing of “Otto Oxox”, so it’s apparently an escapee of my imagination rather than something learned and forgotten.

[Apparently I further added to my dream stock that evening, because an old calendar notes “Dinner & ‘Wicked’ w/ Fil!”]

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