Happy Solstice!

I had a lovely long walk today. I’ve been lax about both exercise and my project of walking every street of San Francisco, so it was really nice to get out and do a major one. I went up over the hill, stopping at Tank Hill Park just before noon which was a nice place to be at noon on the summer solstice, and on down Quintera to the ocean.

I had an interesting moment of surprise while I was going through a posh neighborhood near Laguna Honda. I was walking up a curved road on a hill and suddenly noticed about 10 feet ahead of me were a couple of little black and white kittens coming out from under the hedge by the curb. My foot came down as I kept walking forward. The kittens aren’t kittens. My other foot came down. They’re baby skunks. I reversed myself midstride and walked backwards down the hill until I was out of sight of them around the curve. I never saw Mama Skunk and boy am I glad.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!”

  1. Remember our dog Susan? who learned about skunks more gradually: the first encounter, sprayed in the face. Second, sprayed on shoulder and midsection. Third, sprayed on tail. After that, she turned back in time.


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