Goof or just something I missed?

Over the weekend I watched the remake of Ocean’s Eleven and enjoyed it very much. George Clooney and Brad Pitt work very well together and can deliver this sort of slick dialogue with humor and style. The rest of the caper team were fun and Andy Garcia made a nice foil for them. Still can’t say Julia Roberts does it for me, but the out-of-character stuff with her laughing on set gives me a clue why her co-stars think she’s the bee’s knees. Would have been nice if her character showed some of that human charm.

I have one question though and it’s a spoiler, so see the comments if you’ve already seen the movie.

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8 thoughts on “Goof or just something I missed?”

  1. How did Yen get out?
    I don’t recall seeing him suiting up as an officer (though I think we see Linus getting into a suit & helmet) and he’d be conspicuously small anyhow. Danny’s route wouldn’t work for him since it only takes him back into the protected zone of the cages. The only thing I can think of is that he’s inside one of the bags, but could someone really carry 95 pounds in one hand as though it were nothing?


  2. I didn’t think about Yen at all either, but I imagine with all the misdirection, a really short small SWAT guy leaving with the crowd of other SWAT guys wouldn’t have been too conspicuous. It’s not like Matt Damon is that much larger of a man anyway. 😉


  3. Dang it. I’m just gonna have to get it from Netflix at some point (in the widescreen, rather than full screen version my friend lent me) and watch it more carefully.


  4. OK, I actally own Ocean’s 11 on DVD and so I had a look. You don’t see Yen walking along with the SWAT team, but you do see him in SWAT-like gear when they are all hanging around at the bottom of the elevator. I have to point out though, this is hardly the most glaring of the many many plot holes. 🙂


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