My Pals List is far from complete

When I was editing my site tonight, I created a new style called thesmallprint and it made me go listen to the Tom Waits song Step Right Up which contains the line about “the large print giveth and the small print taketh away”. Then iTunes played another song by him about New Orleans and it made me think of my friend Jay who’s now over in Europe and that reminded me of my friend Mike who’s way over in Japan which made me wonder if my friends Kate & Becca ever did take that trip or move to Africa.

And now that’s got me wishing I was walking in London

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2 thoughts on “My Pals List is far from complete”

  1. dear my friend:
    i received your e-mail in the internet.
    ( the diary of penpals list) in,and i m verry happy to will be your future
    i’m moroccan male.27 years old,single.
    I am muslim, I believe in God and The Bilbe with all my heart,i look forward
    to meet a your honour.i m serious.
    Now I want to present to you my full name, Ali Kharraz.
    I weigh 145 lbs.and I am 5 ft. 2 in. tall, i work as a sales agent.
    i speak:arabic,english french deutsch little japanese.
    i’m lovely trustworthy serious helpful understanding…
    i’m open to different ,people over the world.
    now i work with a humanist mouvement his local in paris our director is
    celine bouquet.i’m his delegate correspondant in agadir.
    i’m open for different culture religion …
    i have a good education.
    tell me please about your bio-data i want to make a good penfriend in the
    future believe me.
    i wish you a good life with love happiness ….and all that you like
    god bless you
    best greetings from agadir-morocco
    your sincerley ali


  2. Um. Okay.
    Like Ali, I’m 5’2″ tall and speak English. I have been described at some point in my life as lovely, trustworthy, serious, helpful and/or understanding. I too am “open to different” and tend to consider myself a humanist, at least to some degree. I too have a good education and wish you a good life with love happiness and all that you like.
    We’re not really in agreement on the whole God thing, but since Ali is open to different culture religion that shouldn’t be a problem.
    Best greetings to Morocco from San Francisco.


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