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I’m going through adding my pre-Blogger (late 1998 & most of 1999) posts into TypePad format (since I never got them into Movable Type which would have meant I could have imported them in less than 10 minutes with the other 1600+ posts).

I came across a post in which I praise Ceej’s site and self. I checked the link to be sure it was still good and decided to take a quick look at her blog, which I haven’t visited for some time. Immediately, I get sucked into following her great links.

Go take a look. That thing about Bluetooth motorcycle helmets is cool – wireless conversation with your passenger and nearby motorcycles! – and the spoken Latin is very interesting – I agree with Ceej that the Cicero orated by Richard Tarrant is quite enjoyable.

The movie about men fighting in bacon skirts just confused and alarmed me, though, and I couldn’t watch the whole thing.

I love the web.

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