Reveling in unproductivity

As I think must happen every year as a result of holidays and my work schedule getting a little loosy-goosy, I have switched back to being a night-owl. Last night I went to bed around 1am but didn’t fall fully asleep until 3ish. Then I slept until 1pm! I guess I needed it. Tonight I had dinner at midnight.

Obviously I didn’t get much done this morning – though I woke up very well-rested which certainly counts for something – and the rest of the day hasn’t been startlingly fruitful either. I totally forgot that today was my opportunity to go pick up my new glasses which have been ready now for a week or more. I guess I’ll go into work late some morning or get them next Saturday. While Chris was out for a motorcycle ride I did get some minor cleaning done around the house, but I can’t say I’ve even got the place back to a neutral thoroughly clean state, let alone made any headway on the neglected to-do list.

This evening around watching more of the first season of Kids in the Hall and the old John Cusack film “Better Off Dead” I did finish entering all my bills in Quicken and balanced my bank statements, so I guess I can have a gold star on the calendar for that. Still, it’s a bit sad to look at the piles of papers and think about projects I’ve hardly put any work in on during my extra days off in the past couple weeks. Oh well, sometimes doing nothing is just what one needs.


Heh. And now it’s a quarter to 2 in the morning. I started writing this post a little before 1am and then just went over to IMDB to check the spelling of John Cusack’s name… Another hour gone by and no progress on any projects. I can tell already that Monday morning is going to be very tough.

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3 thoughts on “Reveling in unproductivity”

  1. Man I know how that works. I tried to write a short entry about something that jwz wrote, and after surfing his archives for 4 hours or so I gave up. Such is the life of an unfocused brain.


  2. Oh jwz is just a bastard of a time vampire. Get into the gruntles archives and you’ll be lost for days. Justin Hall is pretty bad for that too. I’m working on it, but I don’t have the venomous charm of jwz or the alarming content Justin generates. Yet.


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