Not Over, Not Even Close To It

Over the last week or two I’ve been hearing otherwise intelligent people saying “oh well, that’s it for Dean”. They seem to be swallowing the major news media’s annointment of Kerry as having already won the Democratic primary nomination (despite less than 25% of that vote having been cast). Why are they accepting this version of reality without question? It doesn’t make sense to do so.

There’s a lot more voting to come – including, in most cases I’ve encountered, the doubters’ own opportunity to have a say – and Dean is in second place. I think he may already have more delegates than Clinton did at this point 12 years ago (sorry I didn’t have time this morning to look up where Clinton stood after Virginia & Tennessee) and is still picking up hundreds of campaign volunteers a day.

Even if for some other reason than having read in a major media source (owned by a big corporation with a keen interest in getting an anti-special interest candidate knocked out of the race) you are convinced that Dean won’t win the nomination, it is more important than ever to keep his campaign rolling. Dr. Howard Dean has done more to revitalize the Democratic party than anyone in the last four years. The issues being discussed by the other leading candidates have been raised by Dean since he declared his candidacy. If these issues matter to you, keep (or start) supporting Dean. If we want the current administration out of the White House, we cannot make it happen with the kind of ‘roll over & take whatever agenda they set’ approach the Democrats have been taking under this presidency.

I found this great quote from Chris Cooper in the comments on the Dean campaign blog and I want you to bear it in mind when the criticisms of Kerry & Edwards start flying around and you’re thinking about who will really be the best candidate against George W. Bush in November:

For 6 months the RNC, the media, and the other Democratic contenders sifted through Dean’s record and the best they could come up with is that he is “angry.” That’s all they got folks.

Well, I gotta tell ya. I’m angry too. Bush and his cronies have got to go before we lose any more of our freedoms, what little goodwill this country has in the world, any more jobs, or any chance of recovering from the staggering debt they are running up.

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5 thoughts on “Not Over, Not Even Close To It”

  1. I’ll tell you this – the Bush administration is slowly but surely planning to take away everyone’s freedoms. That whole thing with the government forcing airlines to give away all our information (in the name of national security) was insane… And they didn’t even tell us about it at the time. This is how the equation works: (Bush administration causes a disaster (secretly), Bush administration must protect us by taking away our freedoms, Bush administration gets reelected out of fear.) See?


  2. Removing the (so-called) superdelegates from Dean’s delegate count shows Edwards ahead for second place.
    Superdelegates recieve a vote at the convention by virtue of some special position within the party (e.g., sitting members of congress) They are not bound by anything other than whim to a given candidate, and their status as ‘Dean Delegates’ is only based (at best) on statements made when Dean was the presumed front-runner.
    Unless the Governor can manage to legitimately win a significant number of delegates through primaries or caucuses, he’s certain to lose the support of most of the superdelegates.
    The next months are dense with states where media is key to a good showing. Dean can no longer afford large amounts of mass-media advertising. He will probably continue to be portrayed in the news as an also-ran.
    All of this makes things look grim for Dean. I like the Governor, but I’d hate to see Dean’s come-back battle cost the war. So I hope that whatever happens, it happens quickly.


  3. I have no doubt that Dean places getting Bush in higher priority than getting himself in. He has spoken out against the current administrations policies strongly since the beginning of his campaign and has had an enormous influence in pulling citizens out of despair and back into the political process. Until all Democrats have had their say in this primary, I want Dean firmly in the race, helping to define the party platform. After a candidate is chosen, *then* it will be time to throw all our united weight behind that candidate to defeat Bush. Perhaps another candidate than Dean has as good a chance of doing that, but I see no other candidate who can build a committed force of volunteers to carry us through the rest of the year. Dean brings people back to participation who had left the party or given up their political voices entirely. That is incredibly valuable and should not be cut short.


  4. Actually, the Globe has Dean planning to get out of the race on Tuesday — you can see the link from our site at We’ve stared a new liberal alternative to the Drudge report and we’ve been having a lot of fun — glad to have more visitors. We also believe we have the source of Kerry’s infidelity rumor. Check us out.


  5. It is entirely possible that Dean would not still be in the race come the Democratic National Convention. However, he’s still on the ballot and I will still vote for him. I want to send Dean delegates to that convention because even if he isn’t the Democratic candidate choice – and that decision has not yet been made, I remind you again – I want his stance on the issues to be strongly represented and part of the party platform.
    If you want change, keep supporting this campaign. Come November, you might have to vote against Bush rather than for someone, but at least at the primary you can vote your conscience.
    (By the way, Watchblog broke the story on the Kerry infidelity rumor and scooped Matt Drudge by a week:


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