What is so complicated about this?

I really do not get the flap over gay marriage. A marriage performed by the church is not approved by the state until you file the forms. Why shouldn’t the opposite be true? Why aren’t the religious people who oppose same-sex unions saying “Marriage isn’t REAL unless its with a church.”? Then if you believe what that church believes, you follow their rules and if you don’t then your wishes are known by the state for the purpose of legal authority (e.g. who can decide things on your behalf when you’re in a coma) and inheritance.

I do not believe state marriage should provide benefits beyond that. I don’t think the tax rate should be different for single & married people. The ability to claim deductions for dependents should be the same.

I believe profoundly in the separation of church and state. Which is just one more reason the Bush-Cheney administration is not representing the America I want to live in.

Oh, okay, I know why the religious people are causing a flap. They want to use the state to dictate their brand of morality. They want a theocracy.

And why do their protests all sound so much like the arguments against emancipating the slaves or giving the vote to women or ensuring civil rights regardless of race? The whole idea of a single, unchanging document thousands of years old which is supposed to dictate right and wrong for eternity is so strange. It’s just alien to me that educated adults believe that simplistic view of the universe with a big father figure who knows all and will make everything right.

If I didn’t love this beautiful place where I was born so much, if most of my friends and family weren’t here, I’d move somewhere less overbearingly theist.

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3 thoughts on “What is so complicated about this?”

  1. I don’t think it’s theism that’s the problem, so much as fundamentalism and dogmatism (and those occur in every area of life, unfortunately). But I sympathize. And I’m a theist. Hopefully, an underbearing one, but there you have it…


  2. Ah, a theist with a sense of humor, and of perspective. Not the kind Dinah was talking about, I think… in dogmatic times like these, it’s becomes too easy to forget that many/most religious people are not overbearing. Like the quiet Americans, they are overlooked, assumed to be other than what they are.


  3. No, James is a good ‘un. 🙂
    We still have a very different view of what makes the universe tick, I think, but it’s right to remind me that not every theist thinks women and gays are inherently evil. Hooray for the underbearing folks! (What an interesting word. Sounds kind of nurturing, really).


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