Go GoGo

Having a really good evening tonight despite the sad news of the day. I got a ride back to the city with my pal Beth from work. It’s a beautiful night so I opted to walk back from Church & Clipper area. On a whim, I went to Tokyo GoGo for dinner and the food & the company were great. Tim the bartender was his usual pleasant self and I had a fun wide-ranging conversation with Kelli the hostess and Robert, who seems to be something of the regular I’m inclined to become.

(By the way, guys, noname sushi is at 314 Church).


I composed & posted that about 20 minutes ago while walking from the block of Church just off Market, up Market, to Streetlight Records where I failed to find the Dandy Warhols CD I was craving. Now I’m home, checkin’ out Kelli’s cool site and wishing it was Thursday since I’m taking Friday off.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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