My Wedding Wishlist

Things I’d like to see happen within the next week:

– Gavin Newsom not being the only mayor in the United States willing to stand up for equality.
I think he’s the bravest elected official in the country and his unflinching commitment to protecting the rights of all the citizens of his state is an example everyone ought to follow.

– Same-sex newlyweds and witnesses to their weddings telling their story to family, friends and their communities.
The best way to combat hatred and fear over this issue is to make sure that people know banning same-sex marriages isn’t a generic act against some horrible imaginary monsters somewhere out there, it’s a specific decision to deny the right of your best friend’s nephew to marry his high school sweetheart and to void the public acknowledgement of the bond between those lovely two elderly ladies who were so helpful when you first moved into the neighborhood and to tell your child’s school chum that his daddies don’t deserve to be treated the same as any other parents and to reject your sister’s request that you witness her committing the rest of her life to be with the woman she loves. It’s personal and if you think no one you love or like or respect is going to be affected by it, you’re very probably wrong.

– Well-known same-sex couples who have made life commitments to each other travelling to San Francisco to get married.
If the President tries to put forward a constitutional amendment to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples, I want people to think of it as a proposal to annul the marriages of people who have touched their lives.

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6 thoughts on “My Wedding Wishlist”

  1. Oh no congratulations to me, except perhaps for my excellent taste in places to live. I have not nor do I intend to marry. It’s one of those things best done by people who’ve been working up to it for several years.


  2. Although I join your first wish, in fact (at least in California) for most mayors it would be much more complicated than in San Francisco. This because of SF’s unique status as both city and county. It’s the County Recorder who issues the licenses. In SF the mayor has authority over Recorder, but in most jurisdictions its the County Board of Supervisors (thus would take a majority vote of several people) or the County Administrator (an appointed position, so less independent). Thus the fact that there haven’t been more mayors following Gavin Newsom’s lead is not solely a question of individual courage and foresight.


  3. Okay, Rosie O’Donnell is a start, but I confess I was hoping for someone a little more, I dunno, Richard Chamberlainish. And I still think people need to see the ceremony to understand that these weddings aren’t just some political protest; they are serious, emotional commitments. Mayor Newsom talks about the right to marriage including both privileges and obligations; when you see their faces you can tell that these same-sex couples understand and embrace that.


  4. >>Hmm, interesting point. I assume Chicago is thus also a combined city and county given Mayor Daly’s sympathetic comments?<<
    We're not a combined city & county here, but as a Chicago resident I was very happy to hear Daley's comment. Unfortunately, our Cook County Board is headed by a complete tool, so I don't see it happening on that front soon. It is incredibly hopeful and refreshing to see my mayor say something like that, however. If I'm not mistaken, Chicago has also made provisions for same-sex couples at least with government jobs (IE: health coverage for partners, etc.) So at least we're trying!
    I am marrying my fella in May and honestly, I don't see how two women or two men marrying would undermine our relationship or whatever hoo-hah the nay-sayers are saying. Love is love–let love rule!


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