Preparing to vote

*whew* It’s a big ballot when you’re carefully choosing your party central committee members. I re-registered from Green to Democrat so I could vote in the primary. As I mentioned before, I’m still voting for Dean because I want to see his delegates helping set the party platform. I support the ideals of the Dean campaign and want to see them as the ideals of the Democratic Party. However, as I also said before, after the primary I will be supporting the strongest candidate against Bush, who will almost certainly be the Democratic candidate, who is likely to be Kerry.

In case you’re wrestling your way through the ballot this weekend and are also in California District 13, here’s what I decided on. Maybe you’ll agree, maybe you won’t, but if you’ve been reading here a while you know my politics and this may help you decide on anything you’re still sitting on the fence about.

President – Dean
Senator – Boxer (though I wish she’d fully support Newsom)
Representative – Pelosi
State Senator – Migden
State Assembly – Leno
Prop 55 – Yes
Prop 56 – Yes!
Prop 57 – No
Prop 58 – No
Measure 2 – Yes!
Yes on all city measures except:
Measure G – No
Measure J – No, no, no. I support Newsom on some things, but most definitely not on this pandering to developers.

Democratic Central Committee members:
Roger Gordon
David Serrano Sewell
Owen P. Stephens
Gerry Crowley
Holli Thier
Robert J. Haaland
Rick Hauptman
Rafael Mandelman
Ryan Clary
Tracy Baxter
Bill Barnes
Sue Bierman

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One thought on “Preparing to vote”

  1. Good luck! I’m an Italian blogger and visited your site today for the first time. I’ve found your url among Rebeccablood links. Yours is a nice blog and I’m going to visit it more next days. Ciao Mario


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