Joe-jobbed again

My email has been a bit worse than usual this week, and “usual” had already gotten pretty bad. Because I’ve been using this domain name for so long now, several addresses on it have made the spammers’ lists including, unfortunately, my first name. This means I now get about 30-40 pieces of junk mail for each real piece of mail. The spammer’s subject lines are growing more deceptive as well, so if you aren’t in my address book and you sent a message I never responded to, chances are it got lost in the noise. Try again with a more distinctive subject line than “Hi”.

It’s been especially bad this week, though, because junk mail was sent out as though it was from one of my addresses and so I get all the bounced email messages. Spammers really are lower than pond scum. I wonder if there are some solid legal grounds on which I could sue them? They are misrepresenting me and using my personal information without permission. They are certainly wasting my time and resources. If any of the messages are for something of dubious legality, there might even be grounds for libel.

Short of legal action, alas, all I can do is hope they acquire a mysterious debilitating disease that causes their genitalia to turn puce and fall off.

[posted at lunchtime because I got busy the moment I walked in the door at work this morning and forgot to proof the post I wrote coming across the bridge on the bus]

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3 thoughts on “Joe-jobbed again”

  1. You have many legal causes of action against spammers. The trouble is finding out who they are and suing them. In order to sue, you have to personally serve them with the legal complaint. If you can’t find them, you can’t sue them, even if what they did is 100% illegal.


  2. I simply send all mail to with the tags “Content-Type: text/html” or “Content-Type: multipart/alternative;” to my suspicious mailbox. Believe it or not, this has caught 99% of my spam. The number of false positives is low and they are easily found.


  3. A funny thing happened on the way to the spam filter… See, I live a reasonably spam-free life. My program handles all of that. However, one of my newer servers in the data center was acting ridiculously slow, and no one could figure out what or why it was… turns out, that I moved my nine-year old domain over there, and failed to setup a /dev/null filter for everything (since I don’t use it for anything). Check this: 91% CPU usage handling a WHOLE LOT of spam. I slammed the door on everyone and watched that CPU meter essentially zero out.
    If only there was some way to evolve e-mail.


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