Recommended: Skin Deep at Varnish Gallery

I went to a very cool show this evening in a nice little gallery space on Natoma between the transbay bus terminal and SF MOMA. Fun artwork by some sassy women. I initially went because I got introduced to Isabel Samaras‘ art by some folks on Flickr. It was great to see her stuff in person, especially the newest piece “The Lily” which shows Herman Munster leaving a tattoo parlor with a new picture of Lily in a lily on his chest. His shy, proud smile is just great and I love how Isabel signed her name on the piece by having it written on a piece of paper in his pocket. It’s worth stopping by Varnish just to see that one alone, but you can also have a good glass of wine and enjoy all the other great art.

I wound up hanging out for a little while with Andrea Tucker who has fun paintings of freaks, but my favorite piece she had there was a little book called “i Had a Monster” which is all beautifully inked pictures of a woman dealing with her demon. Brilliant stuff. Fortunately she had copies for sale, so I now have one of my very own.

I also met Sharon Leong who has the big piece at the front of the gallery, but my favorite one of hers was one in the back called “Shoe Disorders”.

Also featured in the show:
Annette Hassell – “Hoodoo Consults the Oracles” was my favorite of hers. Don’t miss the way she decorates the edges of some of her pictures.

Sunny Buick – the untitled one with the fish (at the back of the bar) was the one I liked best from her.

Kirsten Easthope who does this fabulous glossy pin-up girls painted on bowling pins. I was torn between “Strip-o-Rama” and “Cocktail”, but “Fun Fur” was pretty cool too.

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One thought on “Recommended: Skin Deep at Varnish Gallery”

  1. Forgot to mention that I did actually meet Isabel and she’s really fun. Hope our paths cross again. And boy do I wish I could afford her artwork.


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