Good Weekend

It’s been a great weekend so far. Friday night started well when I met my housemate Chris at the Metreon and saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind which we both liked a lot. After the movie I went to Toronado’s in the lower Haight and ate some pizza from the weird pizza place next door while my friends & their friends (Esin, ?Trish?, Esin’s fiance whose name I really should remember but don’t, Kristin, Joey, Jessa) drank beer. The pizza place was doing the worst marketing move I’ve seen yet in a restaurant: they had the tv where you stand and wait for your order tuned to the pet surgery channel. I was concentrating so hard on not looking at the screen and not imagining what the vet was describing that I completely failed to see Kristin and Joey had come into the tiny place right behind me. I fled as fast as I could and ate my slice back in the bar.

Once Suzan, Kevin and Min Jung showed up, the group migrated to The Top which is a swell little bar. Great physical space, good music. Unfortunately, really evil well liquor and bartenders whose idea of a gin & tonic is 4 parts gin to one part tonic. Ugh. I think I’ll order whiskey there next time or bring enough money that I can call my drinks & stay away from their headache inducing well liquor. Despite that, though, I had a really fun time talking with folks and getting lots of nice hugs.

I walked home, drinking water on the way and hoping the fresh air and exercise would help fend off a hangover. Another glass of water at home and staying up a little later to answer email did seem to help make me slighly less pained in the morning. I woke up at 9 something, had a glass of water, thought I might get up and then fell asleep for another two hours. That meant I missed most of Heather & Derek‘s brunch, but I was able to get there in time to participate in the memorial service for the late great Tigger.

It was a sad occasion but brightened by people’s fond memories, the beautiful location in Buena Vista park and the loving attention of Chieka, Bug, and the other attending dogs. At the end I was ready to be alone for a while, so I walked down through the park to Haight Street and slowly puttered along all afternoon, shopping. I was enjoying a rare clothes-trying-on-tolerant mood so I did actually end up with some nice new things to wear instead of just a new CD (Jump, Little Children’s Magazine which rocks my socks right off). I had late lunch/early dinner (first dinner?) at Citrus Club. Mm, asparagus special.

When I got home I was tired and sweaty, but cheerful. I took a shower and have spend the rest of the evening in my feety pajamas puttering around online, looking at people’s SXSW pictures and making an extremely token pass at working on entering my receipts in Quicken. Cooked some dinner around 9 or 10. Enjoyed listening to Van Halen’s first album which Chris brought home this evening. Totally metal, man!

Now, somehow, without feeling like I was spending much time on anything, it’s after midnight. Bed time.

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2 thoughts on “Good Weekend”

  1. I was so glad you joined us on Friday! It was lovely to see you. (And I was definitely a bit hungover Saturday morning, alas.) Esin’s fiance’s name is Tomek. 🙂


  2. I had lot’s of fun hanging out on Friday too! I was also glad to get to talk to you (in the past we have been in the same location but haven’t really chatted). BTW Jessa was pretty plastered at the nights end. 😉


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