Big Annual Work Conference, part 1

San Francisco Airport, waiting for the flight

The advantage of taking an 11am flight is that you don’t have to get up any earlier than usual. In fact, I got to sleep in half an hour longer, which makes a big difference to me. Every minute of snooze time in the morning counts for a nightowl.

Yesterday started with a bit of excitement. It was decided at the last minute that it would really be much better if I could help present a 3 hour seminar on my product instead of having one of the trainers do the whole thing. This is probably true since the poor trainers have to know all the programs fairly well and these are not shallow products. For a seminar, particularly one covering some brand new features in the next release, I’ll definitely be able to cover things in more depth and field off-the-cuff questions better. So, in general, good for the customers and fun for me, but it did mean a bit of a last-minute scramble to re-work the presentation to split it.

I did smart things this week which made it easy to take the changes in stride. Tuesday night I worked late with my friend Beth and finished up my (expected) presentations. Then we went for a lovely dinner at Luna Park. As is my wont, we ate at the bar where the food and drinks were excellent and the company delightful. A very civilized place. So, a fun mid-week treat that put me in a cheerfully detached mood yesterday. When I got home after hustling a bit all day to get ready for the trip, I opened the fridge and suddenly remembered I’d wisely cooked a casserole on Monday night and so had a dinner ready to heat & eat. Since I’d done almost all my packing on Sunday, the evening was relaxed and I slept well and enough.

Last year this conference was local (San Jose), people didn’t know me yet and so didn’t stop me in the halls with questions, and I didn’t have as many different presentations, but it still completely exhausted me. Adding a trip across the country to a city where it’s rainy, windy and almost freezing means I need all the help I can muster to get through this thing.

The universe is being good to me this morning, though. My commute to the airport (muni & BART) was easy and now I’m at the gate sitting across from a cute indie boy with his feet curled under him on his chair, black & white low-top Chucks, burgundy velour jacket over what appears to be some obscure band t-shirt, tousled hair and a nice mouth. Boston weather may be too nasty to actually go anywhere, but I’m already enjoying the scenery on this trip.


Later, in Boston

The flight wasn’t bad, though it was much longer than I’d imagined it would be. Still, I had a window seat, a pleasant seatmate, and the toddler only had screaming fits at the very beginning and end of the flight, so could be worse. Also the gentleman seated in front of me had an interesting tattoo on his scalp which was just showing through his hair which was at that highly pettable length. I refrained from petting strangers and just admired the design on his head to pass the time.

Getting to the hotel was super easy. I took the shuttle from the luggage area – marvelling at the utter chaos of cars, taxis, shuttles and big buses stopping mid-street for passengers to race around the other vehicles to board – to the subway station and rode the train in. One easy transfer and a stop about a block from my hotel made it a piece of cake. Then again, I’m an experienced public transit user.

Now I’m in my room on one of the higher floors, unpacking, chilling out and planning to head to bed fairly soon so I start the conference well rested.

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One thought on “Big Annual Work Conference, part 1”

  1. I’d like to apologize on behalf of the region for the weather we have stuck you with this weekend. Best of luck at the convention!


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