Thoughts from a hotel room

The conference is over. I had a nice single malt scotch (Glenmorangie) in the hotel bar with some co-workers to celebrate packing up the equipment and shipping it back to California. We walked out and they headed off to their respective dinner plans. I wandered over to the sushi counter and had a piece of hamachi nigiri. Then I drifted into the mall beside the hall. Silent mind, window shopping. Found a few shirts, paid for them, walked slowly, but purposefully, back to the hotel, to my room.

Now I’m on the web, drifting from weblog to weblog. Looking in on my friends as though I were idly flipping through a photo album.

Music is playing on my iPod; Jump Little Children’s “Cathedrals”:

In the cathedrals of New York and Rome
There is a feeling that you should just go home
And spend a lifetime
Finding out just where that is

I am thinking of a friend who’s working hard to make a positive change in his life – stuck in the present, eyes on the prize – and wishing for an easier path for him. Then again, any time I’ve spent on rough roads has helped me grow into who I am now. I wouldn’t trade that away and perhaps he wouldn’t either. If I was rich, though, I’d send him away for a vacation for a few days; constant suckiness isn’t required for your life to be changed for the better.

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