About ready for an evening at home

I’ve been having fun, but as I sit here drinking two big glasses of water and taking my aspririn before bed, I’m kinda glad nothing else is going on for a few days.

Last night I saw Rivers & Tides, the film about Andy Goldsworthy, at the Castro Theater with B.J. and we could have stayed up for hours talking about art and life and priorities afterwards, but it was a worknight.

Tonight I went to the Red Devil Lounge and had the great pleasure of a solo set from Freddi Price (aka Mahatma Boom Boom, aka Wink Pain, aka that instigator of mayhem in the Az Iz Brass Band). I wanted to hear all the songs again and read the lyrics. Freddi writes incredible stuff. If he was just a good singer and trumpet player he’d be worth following all over town, but he’s also a great guitarist and his original tunes are just that, truly original. Support your local musical talents, folks.

It was nice getting to hang out with Kirk (aka Captain Legit) a little and meeting long-time Rube friend Peter. I would have hung out longer – Preacher Boy, the headliner, was good – but it’s a worknight.

At least I’m home by 11pm. In bed by half past, well, okay, midnight. Alarm going off at a quarter to 7. Ugh. Tomorrow night I’m going to bed early.

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