Another Lazy Saturday

As is my wont, I slept in this morning and made up for a few short nights earlier in the week. Finished watching a video (Sister Wendy‘s Story of Painting), made a nice omelette, read email and then popped the DVD in the post back to Netflix so I can get the next one faster.

Now I’m feeling mellow (no better word for it, really, just roll with the 70s overtones) and disinclined to go do laundry. Once I tried handwashing everything but it was such a pain and this time there are sheets to do. Alas, the laundromat is in my future. After my little episode last weekend (scratched the rental car by rubbing it against another occupied car, did I write about that? *sigh*) I don’t want to rent a car unless I really have to. Thus I am faced with the multiple loads of laundry and the prospect of taking multiple trips to the laundromat or having to get a car and trying to find a laundromat with a parking space next to it. I’m leaning towards the former, but thinking wistfully of the pleasure of having it all done and over with quickly.

So once again my brain comes back to wanting to do laundry at home so that I can work on bills and websites and other cleaning and such between handling the loads. It’s a quarter to 2 on a sunny day. It’d all dry nice and quick… but oh the hassling with the bathtub and the hand scrubbing… but I haven’t had a shower yet today… So indecisive!


Part 2:

How to wash sheets and pillowcases in the bathtub.

Don’t do this unless you have a little metal mesh lint catcher for the drain. Just don’t. You’ll pay enough to the plumber to cover hiring someone else to wash your clothes for a couple months.

Also, don’t do this unless you have a sunny, breezy area in which to dry the clean things and something clean to dry them on, like a clothesline or a drying rack. And don’t start less than 5 hours before sunset.

This actually takes almost as long to describe as to do, by the way.

Plug the tub.
Put the sheets and pillowcases in the tub.
Fill the tub about one third full with water at your normal showering temperature.
While it’s filling, squirt in a couple small squirts of mild liquid soap like Dr. Bonners. (Today I used Lush Happy For Sad shower gel).
Get naked, get in there, close the shower curtain and walk around on the laundry. Note the change in water color – oo! It’s working!
When the tub is about at that one third full point, switch the water up to the shower and do your normal showering routine (except don’t shave, you don’t want little hairs in your sheets).
About halfway through your routine, or when the water reaches the two thirds full point, swap the plug for the little mesh lint catcher and let the water start to drain. You may need to empty the lint catcher if the water drains very slowly after a while.
Once you’ve finished your routine, pick up a pillowcase and rinse it in front of you in the shower spray. Rinse it good – your face will be on this and you don’t want any soap residue. Drape it up over the shower neck or something when it’s rinsed and you’ve given it a light little squeezing to get rid of the excess water. (You don’t want to really wring and twist your laundry, it wears it out).
With the pillowcase(s) done, once the water is pretty well drained out, it’s time to rinse the sheets. This is a three part process.
1. Statues – Put the sheets in front of you while you face the shower. Pick up one by the end and spread it out in front of you letting the shower rinse it. Fling the rinsed part back over your shoulder. About halfway through each sheet take a moment to adopt a series of Grecian statue poses. (Oration optional). Finish rinsing the sheets.
2. Stomping – Swap the lint catcher for the plug again and fill the tub up to about one third full while walking around on the sheets. You don’t actually stomp since that’d be splashy and potentially dangerous, but give ’em a good stirring up.
3. More Statues – Swap the plug for the lint catcher. Rinse the sheets by the statues method again.

By now your sheets should be clean and the water rinsing clear. Put the sheets down at the non-drain end of the tub. Give yourself one last rinse to get any lint off and turn off the shower. Dry off and get dressed while the sheets drain a little. Set up the drying rack and locate your clothespins. Put the pillowcases out to dry (if using a rack put them in the inside middle). Then squeeze a sheet dry enough to carry through the house and put it out to dry (on one side of the rack). Then get the other sheet.


After an hour or so, check on the sheets and turn them over (and rotate the rack).



It’s 7:15pm and the stupid flannel sheets are still wet where the sun wasn’t hitting them. This whole idea sucks. Forget about it and go to the laundromat.

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