Why all the trouble?

So why was I so reluctant to leave the house for extended periods of time this weekend and doing all that handwashing instead of a big laundromat expedition? Because I don’t have a laptop with a wireless internet connection.

I was working on two projects. One fun one which has a ways to go. Announcements later. One tedious one which I think may have worked out okay.

I’ve given up on buying Intuit software for the Mac. Quicken 2002 was a deep disappointment – buggy, crashy and, I hear, missing features available in the Windows version – and from the reviews Quicken 2004 for Mac is no better. Lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth out there. It’s a damn shame, really. I’ve been using Intuit products for almost a decade and a half. The started out on Mac and set the standard for personal and small business software. It’s clear, though, that they’ve forgotten their roots and aren’t about to rediscover them.

Intuit – if you think dropping Mac sales mean lowered demand, you’re just in denial about the crappy products you’ve been putting out. You used to be good; hell, you used to be far and away the best. What happened?

I don’t know, man; it’s like some great musician going on the skids and losing his chops. Now he forgets the words, fumbles over the chords and he smells like he hasn’t taken a shower for weeks. There’s still time to clean up the act, but I won’t be at the shows until I hear things have gotten a whole lot better.

So where will I be? Well, I spend the weekend trying some things out and there’s this new act called Liquid Ledger I’ll be giving a try. It’s a bit heavy in the financial management terminology and it’s missing autosave (argh!), but the planned features look right and it’s a native Mac application. Best of all, it’s built by Canadians. Must be good, right?

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2 thoughts on “Why all the trouble?”

  1. My dad worked in Tech support for a while there, and well, they like to ignore the rules. How do you memorize a transaction? ctrl-M . What is the keyboard key that sends that? The enter key. So they need to snoop the hardware for that to work. There is a reason Quicken did not work on NT for so long, it cannot break the rules they are used to breaking, and I’ll bet the same is true for their stuff on Mac OSX. Quickbooks 1 was notorious for loosing users data too.
    Then again, it works, there is a reason Quicken is everywhere.


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