The latest spammer scam: sophisticated comment abuse

Over the past few days I’ve noticed a pattern: four new comments on my weblog for which I did not receive a notification. When I checked the comments, they were completely unrelated to the post on which they’d been made and had websites which seemed like larger, general interest ones. One on Macs and one on Linux. Odd. I did what I always do – ripped out the URL so they won’t get any Google love from being linked to – and blocked the IP from future comments.

Tonight’s was different. Now they’re trying to take on a blogger’s identity. Look at this comment. The bracketed part is my comment on the comment. Notice the URL – “bllogspot”. I looked at that domain and it redirects to the real But stuarthughes dot bllogspot doesn’t; it looks, on the surface just like Until you view source. There is the text for a page promoting a bunch of beastiality sites which I’m sure they’re hoping will rise in Google’s rankings due to being “linked to” from a blog.

So why doesn’t the regular visitor see that text? Because they’re drawing Stu’s site in right on top of it with Javascript and, if I read this rightly, storing the text of Stu’s site encrypted and then unencrypting it on the fly when the page is drawn. Maybe they do this to prevent those terms being indexed?

Who’s doing this? Well, that’s easy to figure out, up to a point. bllogspot dot com is hosted by 3FN dot net who are in Malta. If anyone knows anyone in Malta and if 3FN are a legitimate company, someone might suggest to them they should clean up their act. That IPO could buy Google a lot of lawyer time and they are infringing on copywritten material and a trademark, as well as soiling Google’s well.

And who’s behind the linked sites? Whois says it’s
Alexander Morozov (
Volgogradsky prospekt, 16
Tel. +1.4156656387


Registrant Contact:
Andrey Shchegolikhin (
Fax: none
Servibox, buzon N 442,
Patrisio Ferrandiz 40
Denia, NA 03700

[Actually posted on Sunday, May 23rd, after my blog-software-producing pals had a chance to respond to the scam]

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