More comment spam

Slept in this morning and so only caught the tail end of today’s assault on my comments. Same pattern as yesterday – a bunch of Alexander Morozov/ sites – only this time on the theme of incest rather than beastiality. I deleted the 350 or so comments and hope that they were gone before Google’s indexing ‘bots came through. Then again, though, since this pattern has been going on for a while and is such a blatant attempt to jack search engine results, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the search engine sites have or are considering blocking these sites from appearing in results at all.

The only way to cure comment spamming and fake portals and bad keywording and all those other techniques is for them not to work in driving visitors to the promoted URLs. The responsibility for that lies with the search engine makers, though the rest of us can help by deleting the stupid content when it’s under our control.

Blocking by IP won’t work, I’m fairly well convinced. In the attacks on this site the originating IP changes every 10 or so comments and I’d not be surprised to find they belong to insecure servers the spammers are illegally using as origins, much as they would for mailing spam. (Thus the other thing we can do to protect the Web from these abuses is to keep any servers under our control very secure).

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One thought on “More comment spam”

  1. good call
    i get hundreds of these on one of my blogs also.
    i am starting a site called Recycled Spam” that will teach the right way on the internet
    so next time, send me one of your spams and i will recycle it


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