Still walking, but not today

Three years ago, I set myself a goal: walk every street, every block, in the city of San Francisco. I’m making very good progress. Not sure what percentage of the city I’ve covered, but some mighty big streets are checked off the list – Mission, Market, California, Fulton, Lincoln, Embarcadero – and quite a few little ones too. Today I was going to take another big walk and check off a few more, but I didn’t feel well and so haven’t left the house.

It’s frustrating, particularly when it’s so unnecessary. The reason I don’t feel well is the same one with which pretty much every other woman between puberty and menopause is familiar. In order for our bodies to shed the womb lining from last month and create a fresh new environment for potential new life, our innards do a bit of readjustment and this process can get quite uncomfortable. If I was going to have kids it might be worth it, but I’ve had a tubal ligation, so ain’t nobody gonna be checking in for stay in this hotel. Cramps are for me, a completely pointless annoyance.

They were never as bad before my operation as they’ve been since – I fear my doctor, trying to be helpful, did something which reduces cramping in most women (lasering some region on the side of the womb or something?) but which had the opposite effect on me – and I’m still, several years later, perfecting my response to a bad bout. (Some months are definitely worse than others.) A nap remains the best medicine. Orgasm often helps a good bit, but, as I don’t find pain a turn-on, doesn’t necessarily leap to mind as the best course of action. So, I take some Ibuprophen and lie down. Today I took 400mg and then another 200mg when that didn’t seem to do the trick. That got it down to a dull throb and I was able to doze for a while. I think next time I’ll try 800mg.

Believe me, if there was an easy way to give my womb away to someone who actually wants one, I would. I ain’t usin’ the damn thing and the maintenance is hell.

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