Small plates and a full course meal on a Friday night

Last night was an excellent way to round out the week. I walked from the transbay terminal to the Mission district and had dinner with my friend Lenny at Esperpento (mmm, spicy potatoes, spicy chicken, grilled asparagus, garlic shrimp, good bread to sop up the sauces, and the best sangria in town) followed by the benefit for Right to Write at Amnesia.

That was a hell of a show. As much as I adore Amnesia – gotta make it down there more often – I think this line-up better do a repeat performance at a larger venue. The Whoreshoes are a ton of fun (I need to hear the song about “let me be your bull” again); Lord Loves A Working Man is getting amazingly good (and should really start thinking about their first CD); and good ol’ Rube Waddell, even with Max and Freddi just having done a fantastic set with LLAWR, can get the whole place on their feet stompin’ and hollerin’.

So, I stayed to the end. Closed the bar. Caught a cab home. Got to bed a little before 3am and slept pretty solidly.

Now it’s coming up on 2pm, I’ve had my shower and a great big glass of water, but no breakfast. Today being officially “Stairway Day”, I had planned on doing another nice big walk and making sure to include one of the city’s many beautiful staircases, but I find I have a blister starting on the ball of my left foot. I guess the only walk I’ll be doing is to the drug store to buy insoles for my newest shoes. I’m hoping if I am nice to it today and wear the right things tomorrow, I’ll be able to get some walking in.

Larry (Reverend Whupass of Rube Waddell) said that he’ll be playing at the Odeon Bar tonight and I would like to see what he does when he’s not being a Rube. Plus I feel I ought to give the poor ol’ Odeon a second chance. Larry says the porn isn’t usually on the screen and it would be nice to be able to write up a review of an evening there that wouldn’t scare away quite so many folks. (I do note though that my previous review is now no longer the #2 hit for a search for “odeon bar” on Google and is instead one of the last. Not sure what prompted that demotion, but I’m betting it has something to do with last week’s comment spam attacks.)
Given how I’m feeling right now though, I don’t know if I’ll make it down for the show. Not even sure if I’ll try to get out for the KFOG Kaboom. Too many late nights in a row and now my body clock is all discombobulated.

(It’s now almost 3pm. I got distracted by the Google result thing and then reading some email and having a little snack. I think maybe it’s just going to be a spacy day.)

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