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Okay, so, I'll be honest. Not a lot is gonna happen here. I've been keeping my real website, http://www.metagrrrl.com, and keeping it well for over 5 years and see no reason to change my approach.

I do really want to be able to post non-anonymous comments on my friends' LiveJournals though, so here I am in LJ-land.

Dear diary,

Today I woke up and thought about the guy I really like and want to ask out but am afraid to ask out because if he's not actually interested in dating me then I'd still really like to be friends 'cause he's witty, intelligent, and makes me feel good.

I took a walk. I visited with friends and ate BBQ food which was excellent. I took a walk back home.

My housemate is playing guitar. He's wearing headphones and so I just hear the unamplified electric guitar sound and his foot thumping out the time. He's probably playing Meshuggah or something insane like that. It's a very fast tempo. He must drive our downstairs neighbor insane.

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