More great music at Cafe Van Kleef

I went back to Cafe Van Kleef* last night to see the As Is Brass Band. They were quite delightful. Sweet, strong, clear sounds, backed by the stellar percussive skills of their drummer Tommy. Their opener, One Man Banjo (a.k.a. Sean Lee), was also quite good. I bought both his CDs and will see about getting the poor computerless lad hooked up with a little website.

I definitely encourage you to make a visit to Cafe Van Kleef for music some night. Great space visually, adequate acoustically, and with a mood that can’t be beat. It’s at 1621 Telegraph just a block or so from the 19th Street BART station.

*I think I misspelled this before as Cafe Van Cleef, but it’s Kleef with a K.


By the way, I should mention that The Whoreshoes are playing tonight at the Odeon Bar around 10pm. Go down and raise a beer to ’em for me – I gotta get some sleep. Getting a ride home with the band (thanks, Freddi!) makes for a late late night.

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4 thoughts on “More great music at Cafe Van Kleef”

  1. So much for the early night. I was lured out to dinner and decadence by MJ, Dunstan, Tantek, Anil and Matt. A very enjoyable evening despite my exhaustion.


  2. hey dinah,
    what’s the address for that blog spot, I looked for it, to no avail.
    1 man banjo,
    p.s. there’s a hootananny sept 19th @kelly’s mission rock. including myself, yard dogs, whoreshoes, ect. http//


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