The Life

I have been living one hell of a life the past week and a half. It's been fun, but now I'm tired and needing to take a lazy Sunday to recover. Pride 2004 will just have to carry on without me.

In chronological order:
Suffered massive comment spam attack. Obtained great big set of data to recognize that comment spam pattern even when I only get one isolated message. Very handy for those abuse reports.

Saw Rube Waddell at Cafe Van Kleef. Great band, great bar.
BBQ with my old out-laws (B.J.'s parents). Genetic and official ties aren't the important part; they and B.J., his wife Bev, and her parents are part of my extended family.

Allergy attack prompting this message to my co-workers:

I got woken up at 4something in the morning again with these horrible allergies and took the half tablet of Benadryl which doesn't normally make me too drowsy to function, but apparently when combined with either especially bad allergies or that time of day makes it impossible to wake up.
I am now moving sluggishly in the direction of the office ("…what rough beast slouches towards Emeryville…").
Regular allergy sufferers, first, my profound sympathies. Second, how the heck do you cope with this? Do I need to go to the doctor and get some prescription stuff to be on all the time? Do allergy shots help? And how long into summer do you usually suffer?
Representing all the dwarves (with Bashful manifesting in his Tardy aspect and Groggy, Itchy and Scratchy substituting for Greedy, Doc and Happy),


Hanging out late at Tantek's place with Min Jung, Matt, Dunstan, Simon and Jane.
Dinner at Crepes on Cole with the WaSPs and party at Tantek's place. (Matt's pictures)

Thought I'd get a good night's sleep to recover from the prior 3 short nights. Allergies woke me up at 4am again.

Back to Cafe Van Kleef for As Is Brass Band (oh joy!) and my delighted introduction to 1 Man Banjo (Sean Lee), about whom you'll be hearing more. Caught ride home with the band and thus reached bed around 3sumpthin.
Set alarm for 7:30a.m. Woke up at 7:28a.m. Had a surprisingly functional and creatively charged day at work.

Expected to come home and go to bed early. Instead went to dinner with Dunstan and Min Jung, joined after a while by Tantek, Matt and Anil. Then we rambled around North Beach and ended up at the Bubble Lounge where champagne, foie gras, and chocolate with strawberries were consumed. (Here's a picture which sums up the decadence of the evening). Some of the party were interviewed by an HBO TV crew for Real Sex. Dunstan expressed a certain preference which I can hardly wait to see the footage of; I think I may want that sound bite as a system error sound. I stroked Matt's head until he became blissful. I got to see Liz, which was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, O joy! Sleeping in.

High tea at The Palace with a bunch of beautiful, intelligent women to celebrate Heather's upcoming wedding. Certain topics were approached and then veered away from ("You can't talk about that here; we're at The Palace!") and Anil would have been thwarted from making certain hand gestures, had he been there.

Went to Kaiser's pharmacy finally and picked up some of their generic Claritin stuff. I look forward greatly to non-sneezing, non-itching nights and days.

Started some food marinating, napped, cooked and then headed out at midnight to NIMBY in Oakland for the Extra-Action Marching Band benefit for their mission of good will from Amsterdam to Sarajevo. Wonderful humans. I got to see a few Burning Man art pieces I'd only enjoyed in pictures before and listened to more great music.


Freddi_Price_27Jun04Amazingly, I arrived during Freddi Price's second song, "Oh Father". and got to hear his whole set including an extremely-heartfelt version of John Lennon's "God". Wish I'd had the equipment to record that; it was perfect. Yes, Lennon's song when you thought about it, but in that moment, fully Freddi's.

The poor guy had some turbulence in the first part of his set. The power on the stage went out while he was singing, so there was a little dicking around fixing it and then he started belting the song out with no mike and no stage lights and no guitar amp. Just as people were huddled in close, clapping, feeling the raw version, *boink* back comes the power. A cheer from the crowd. Freddi's sideways smile, a grin and he steps up to the mike to really launch into it and *pwing* his guitar string breaks. Blink, blink, and then he roars with laughter. One song with no high string, followed by a quick string change, and then back into it. A great show, most definitely.


Oh, and Extra-Action was huge fun; there were other good bands to be heard (e.g. LOOP!STATION), art & wild outfits to be enjoyed and all the lunatic pleasure of an all-night party.

I contributed a vegi dish to the food choices (recipe coming later) and kept the marching band hydrated during their set. At the end of the night, which is to say at 6am this morning, I gave four happy people a ride back into San Francisco and returned the City Carshare car. In bed by just after 7am and slept until 11:30am or so.

I feel pretty good. My legs are tired from standing and stomping my feet on cement all night, but it was fine fine fun. I encourage you to get out and do something. Share yourself. Appreciate what other people have to share. Life is good.

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2 thoughts on “The Life”

  1. Yawn, what drivel. And you’re a name dropper. (biggest on the web).
    “Now I have sidelinks in with my normal posts just like {insert a list blogger}!”
    Don’t worry though, a few stragglers will defend you and then you’ll actually have comments!


  2. Uh, Dylan, I hung out with my friends. That’s not name dropping, that’s talking about neat people I like and new people I’ve met who do interesting stuff and whose company I enjoy. I mention names because one reason I write these posts is as a journal of my life. I like to remember who I was spending time with, how I met people, good times we had together. I’m in this for the long haul; I’ve been writing it for over 5 and a half years and plan to write it for years to come. I write it for me and my friends and the people who stumble onto it and thereby in some partial way meet me. Some of those people also become my friends, not because of who I know but because they like my writing and the way I see the world.
    However, I do see on re-reading this how the written form does not clearly convey how surreal this week has felt to me. I was honored to be invited to the WaSP gathering because that group of people has done great work for the web and we were all amused and befuddled by the over-the-topness of Friday night at the Bubble Lounge. It was weird to be out so late so many nights in one week and to meet so very many new people in some pretty divergent contexts.
    Regarding your other comment: I give credit for design ideas that I borrow from other people. It’s called integrity. You should look into it.
    Why are you reading my site if you don’t like me or my writing? And why on earth are you commenting if all you have to do with yourself is be unpleasant?
    If you want to criticize my personal site, have the balls to give your real name and URL and invite me over to your site to see if you meet my standards. I’ll tell you what though, if I think it’s lame and uninteresting, I’ll just stop reading it and go away.
    (Everyone else, if you aren’t dying for dylan’s oh-so-constructive criticism, he posted from IP


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