Note to self: sort through the frickin’ goatloads of email you receive faster, dammit.

I just discovered that last night I missed the farewell party for Extra Action Marching Band before they head out to Europe for their goodwill tour. It was at the Odeon and I’m sure there was all kinds of porntastic fun, but when the EAMB is around that only seems appropriate. Well, I hope they got the proper send-off they need. They’re doing good work for us all:

The marching band is going on tour in Europe. Whoa.

Lets think about this for a moment: we’re talking about 40 people. 40 people. Some of which are the biggest idiots I’ve ever met. Some of them are the rudest, loudest, drunken douchebags yet… god bless their black little hearts… some of them are the most productive, sweet and musically talented folks around. Together they are a powerful unit. They also are the best thing to come out of San Francisco. Period. They have consistently rocked the paint off the walls of every venue they have graced with their presence, even if they stole the toilet paper and fucked your girlfriend. And they did all this while having no chance of getting a record contract, a reality show made about them or any advancement what-so-ever. They just do their thing. And that thing is good.

I for one am proud to have them act as ambassador to this great nation we were blessed to be born in. No longer will people of Serbia, Germany, Austria, Vienna, Kosovo and Russia only have the Television with images of Bush bla bla bla-ing to use as their ruler in which to measure the opinions of America. Now this independent group will represent all of us and attempt to elevate the rest of the worlds opinion of us. They will do this by drinking ALL the beer. They will inseminate every hole. They will rock out with their collective cock out. They will laugh loud and snore louder. They are going to have an amazing time.

– uncredited author of the Extra Faction email thingy

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