A Visit To 12 Galaxies With That 1 Guy and Lord Loves A Working Man

I had a great time last night on my first visit to 12 Galaxies. It’s a very nice venue. I really like two-level clubs like that. I didn’t go up this time – just enjoyed looking up and watching the people along the railing watching the bands, but I will next time around. (I’ll also have to look into the history of that architechtural style; 12 Galaxies is laid out basically the same as the Edinburgh Castle pub. I’d like to know the era and purpose of that layout).

The bands made me happy and my friends B.J. and Keoni danced themselves into grinning, sweaty froths.

The opener, whose name I never did catch because the vocals weren’t as loud as they should have been in the mix, was a guitarist with a great voice. His style was a bit country-influenced, but I’m hard-pressed to describe his genre other than to put him in that big, vague “singer-songwriter” bucket. He’d fit in a bill with Annie Lin and Scott Andrew, but not because he sounds like either of them. The woman who joined him to provide vocal accompaniment was also good.

The headliner – wisely on second before the “dance your ass off” powers of Lord Loves A Working Man – was the triumphant return to the bay area of That 1 Guy. He’s been on a national tour and it’s only made his performance stronger. The crowd seemed to be a good split between people there for him and those for LLAWM, but most of the latter group were blown away by the power of Mike’s Magic Pipe and I’m hopeful his CD sales were good. In any case, a new batch of people will be watching out for future shows. I got to speak to him briefly before and after the show and found him to be, as ever, one of the nicer guys you would ever want to talk to. That he also seems to have rhythm in his veins instead of blood is a pleasant bonus.


Then Lord Loves A Working Man hit the stage – finally on one big enough for them – and tore the house down as usual. Such a tight band and such a glorious sound. Apparently, Max A. Millions is the second hardest working man in show business. B.J. commented that he’d been watching and noticed that Max was conducting the band on the upswing of his guitar strumming and that when both hands were too busy he appeared to be conducting with his hair. (The keyboardist – Rob, I think – afterwards told me that when Max flings sweat on them from his curls, it’s their cue to play). B.J. said the band were all watching Max except the horns who were watching their sheet music. Their hard work pays off; no sloppiness, just that sweet solid sound. They are indeed workin’ men and if the lord has any sense he’ll love them as much as the audience. By the way, speaking of the horns, the trumpeter filling in for Freddi Price (currently touring Europe with the Extra-Action Marching Band) did a great job. You’d never guess it was his first show with them. He’s not Freddi, but it didn’t feel like a hole in the sound, just a little difference. I’m hoping when Freddi’s back, we might get a show with both of them. Maybe I just like brass.

(Photo taken at about 1:30am. Can’t remember which band had the box. Probably the Working Men.)

I apologize for not reminding you of the show. I promise to warn you in advance of the next performances. Three times as many people could and should have fit in 12 Galaxies to hear these acts. (Also I’ve begun my campaign to get Lord Loves A Workin’ Man into the studio. It’s partly a philanthropic desire to see the band do well and have more people exposed to their music, but mostly it’s a selfish need to enjoy their music between shows).

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2 thoughts on “A Visit To 12 Galaxies With That 1 Guy and Lord Loves A Working Man”

  1. The title of this entry at first completely failed to parse in my head. I thought it must have been some layout glitch in the website. I am greatly amused.
    We should go to a show when I get into town.


  2. 5 tracks from this performance are now available on a demo CD which you can buy from the band at their show at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco this coming Friday, Sept. 17th, 2004.


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