I commend your attention to this very amusing review of Day After Tomorrow by a real live paleoclimatologist, Dr. William Hyde of Duke University. Favorite paragraph:

The characters in the movie would have to be massively deepened to be called shallow. The major conflict is that of the Quaid character, who has missed much of his son’s upbringing owing to his penchant for jumping crevasses on remote ice shelves. His wife’s anger at this I rate at 137 MilliPeeves, where one Peeve equals the feeling you get when the coffee shop runs out of your favourite creamer, and you have to use your second favourite. This is understated acting.

[Note: review contains spoilers, as if you cared. Pointer to this humorous and successful effort to get the esteemed professor to see this film kindly provided by Mr. Jason Kottke. Additional note: my weakness for the writing and humor of those of an academic bent is evidenced by my new-found conviction that the denizens of the rec.arts.sf.written newsgroup are persons of astonishing wit and profound sexual attractiveness almost approaching paleoclimatologist levels.]

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