Good advice from Jonas:

“Don’t buy the memory at the Apple Store. It’s way cheaper elsewhere and the ‘Getting Started’ manual explains in step-by-step detail how to put it in your Mac.”

Damn but he was right. 1GB of RAM from Apple $700. 1GB from Newer: $280 with shipping.

[Thanks to Kevin for suggesting I try Newer when Small Dog Electronics, who I normally trust for my Mac needs, didn’t have memory.]

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3 thoughts on “Good advice from Jonas:”

  1. Uh, Jake, I think you need to work on your definition of “name dropper”. Both these guys are friends of mine. Name dropping is saying “I had a drink with Colin Farrell” when in fact you were in a bar where he was and you ordered next to him and said “Hey, man, how’s it going?” and he looked at you blankly.
    Given that Jonas and Kevin frequently write on topics related to Apple and mac software, it seems courteous to provide a link so that my readers can reach their sites. It’s also handy for other friends to distinguish which Kevin I’m talking about.
    Why on earth are you so sensitive about this whole issue of my giving credit where credit is due and sharing links to writers of personal sites I think are worth reading and/or people worth listening to?


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