The Black Rider

Photo by Derek Powazek,

Amazing show. Parts of it pretentious. Parts of it making fun of pretentiousness. Incredible, though not easy to swallow, music. Great performances (especially by Nigel Richards). But most of all, jaw-dropping production designs. It’s beautiful. Also ugly at times when it wants to be. Quite an odd, but wonderful show.

Note: I found it hard to cozy up to until late in the second act. Then it hooked me good at the Crossroads.

By the way, the gorgeous photo above by Derek Powazek was not color corrected. That’s how it came out of his camera, which tells you something about how well the production designers achieved their goals.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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2 thoughts on “The Black Rider”

  1. No, I don’t just like this picture because it matches my color scheme. Why would you think such a thing?
    Sure does look nice here, though, don’t it? 🙂


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