So very busy.

I’ve been quiet here since I’ve been crazy busy at work. I come home wanting something amusing to escape to and so I’ve been surfing the web, chatting with friends and watching DVDs. Not a huge amount of creative output in the evenings since I’ve been doing so much writing during the days. Admittedly, it is less fun to write & proof read documentation than posts about wonderful weird things seen on the web, but at least my writing muscles are getting worked out.

Not so much my physical muscles. Mental exhaustion can fool me into indolence when what I really need is to move around. The diet I’m on also leaves me with a little less energy, I suspect. Overcoming that pull away from activity is difficult. Today, though, I’ll get a good bit of walking in. I have taken the day off to relax and see the geisha exhibit at the Asian Art Museum before it closes later this month.

Earlier this year I’d talked about taking a vacation, maybe up to visit my aunt & grandmother in Alaska, but then my company decided that one of the other product managers and I should put new versions of our products out twice a year instead of once and that made work fairly insane. I think we’ll get good at it – already it’s forcing us to be more efficient, but it is still a little crazy-making. On the bright side, I’m getting asked to present more at conferences, so that’s giving me a little travel.

I’ll be in Portland middle of next month and will get to take a 3-day weekend before the conference to play tourist. I’ll be staying at the Jupiter Hotel and doing a lot of walking around downtown, visiting museums and parks, and, of course, hanging out at Powell’s Books.

Now it’s time to be a tourist in my own city. Off to ride the trolley to the museum!

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