A bunch of walking

Streets completed today:






Nice weather, though it got pretty windy toward the end.80052527_16be7448bb_o
Weird clouds.

Wee solar house

I passed this tiny yellow house with the solar panel roof while walking around (I think on Mount Olympus)

Squirrel fencepost

Fence with squirrels

Beware the wooden squirrel!

Now I’m home just hoping that this runny nose is allergies and not a cold. Given the amount of travel I have coming up, I don’t need a head start on getting sick. Time for a hot shower and a preventative retreat to the bed with hot tea and something trashy to read.

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4 thoughts on “A bunch of walking”

  1. Hi Dinah! I’m not a web geek so it was tricky to find you. What have you been up to besides walking? (Keoni is married with a baby! He must be in a parallel universe) How are your parents? What’s a blog? The doctors found a cure for me! I’m working full time in a mortgage company! email me!
    Lots of love and hugs and missing you


  2. Not dramatically different, but I’m making progress. Slow, but progress. Sometimes even though I walk, it’s not ideal conditions for getting the feel of a street. For example, I walked along Folsom Street today, but that gave me a sense of the fair (way way way too crowded) and not of the neighborhood.


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