This town is clearly not gonna get a fair shake from me. I'm doing one of those "fly in, stay at the hotel by the airport (which is always gonna have a nasty view in any city), spend all day at a conference, fly home" trips.

The room is nice though. Mercifully fairly soundproof windows since it's
– at the airport

– above an enormous parking lot

– next to a freeway

– which is next to active traintracks

– which are next to 3 industrial facilities

I'll put up pictures of the slag heaps, smokestacks and mysterious pond of what appears to be liquid later. [A year later I put pictures on Flickr. 9 years later I added the pictures here. Heh. Let know one say I don't put the pro in procrastination.]

My glamorous hotel in Cleveland80060009_ae6f242fe4_o
A view of the slag pool

Now I've finished updating my presentations and it's a little after 9pm my time, but that means after midnight local time and the alarm needs to go off at, ugh, 3:30am my time.

Fortunately the flight wasn't too uncomfortable, the bed looks decent, and I am feeling loads better.

Yes, Mum and krokbunny, I have been drinking lots of water, washing my hands, drinking juice, eating enough and taking it easy. I have a wholesome breakfast coming in the morning and I will either eat a good lunch or, if it's like prime rib 'n' beets day or some shit at the conference, will sneak off and eat a couple of nice healthy Luna bars.

I will give great presentations and have a jolly time. Then will return to my hotel room and sleep (the sleep of the just) until it's time to fly home Saturday morning.

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4 thoughts on “Cleveland”

  1. I hope your experience hasn’t tainted your perception of Cleveland entirely. In some areas of town the slag heaps are *much* nicer (and more sigltly :-).


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