Sick Sucks

So I’ve been sick all frickin’ week and it was icky and I didn’t like it. Plus I have a ton of stuff going on at work so I had to pull it together for at least a couple hours each day to check on mail and join meetings by phone and stuff like that. Upside is that there won’t be quite so much waiting for me when I’m back on my feet.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Cleveland to visit the sacred springs whose waters can heal my curs’ed wounds… um… well, no actually, no… I’m going for a little conference for work. I have to give a couple presentations which I’m sure will go fine and I’ll get to meet some customers I’ve only worked with over the phone so that’s nice, except that I have to remember not to touch anyone or breathe on them so I don’t give anybody else this evil headcold of the damned.

This will be the first trip with my PowerBook and I’m worried because I didn’t back everything up. Maybe I can do that while I take my shower. That would be prudent. Then again more of my stuff is online than off, so it’d be a disaster if something happened to my sweet little device, but not an unmitigated one. (Hmm, mitigated. Is that another word for the “People never say this” list?)

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4 thoughts on “Sick Sucks”

  1. If probation officers & judges & lawyers count as people, then people do say “mitigated” — under California’s determinate sentencing laws, in court reports, one lists “exacerbating” and “mitigating” factors and the sentence is calculated based on the underlying offense and the number & weight of those factors. The burglary, for example, might be mitigated by being the defendant’s first criminal offense.


  2. Hope you feel better soon sweetie. Just a passing Mac fan who just got over a flue himself. Nice site and you look real cute in your pictures. Can’t find your email anywhere on here though.


  3. Sorry to hear you’re sick. If you’re able to get out while in Cleveland, there’s a nearby all-vegetarian southern Indian restaurant (also has northern Indian dishes) in Parma Heights called the Udupi Cafe (6339 Olde York Road, 440-743-7154, not much atmosphere). On the other hand, the best dessert in Cleveland is the bread pudding at Great Lakes Brewery (in the Ohio City area), and if you didn’t want to eat at the brewery you could start by feasting on happy beans, Caribbean French fries, miso soup, and maybe a pelican kiss at the nearby Johnny Mango’s ( I hope you find your cure in the sacred waters of Lake Erie.


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