Feeling a little mixed up? You aren’t. Really.

I’ve thought I was kind of weird, not a normal girl, but now, having read Jennifer Traig‘s hilarious autobiographical book Devil in the Details: scenes from an obsessive girlhood, I know I’m just fine.

Things I Could Do If I Wanted To Be Less Content

  1. Wash hands over and over and over.
  2. Worry more (Tip: for extra fun, worry about worrying).
  3. Have fits of guilt-induced prayer using a litany of my own devising.
  4. Attempt to follow the behavioral laws in Leviticus.
  5. All of the above while going through puberty.

Devil in the details book cover Little Jenny had quite the bumpy ride and she tells the whole story in delightfully alarming detail. I highly recommend this book. Those with peculiar families may find escaping to it particularly comforting during the close confinement of the holidays. It could be worse, honestly.

Go get Devil in the Details, because everyone needs a little situation-tragedy around this time of year…

This review brought to you by my pal Kevin‘s clever idea: The Virtual Book Tour. Go check out the other stops along the line…

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