On the quiet side

I’m taking it easy this week, enjoying my holiday break. My creative urges have been steering most towards cooking & making things nice around my home, so writing is taking a back seat. Things are fine with me, just not much to say on the public stage.

My sympathies go out to those around the Indian Ocean. I hope my step-brother and his girlfriend come home safe from the Maldives, but since we know they survived the tsunami, the biggest emotional impact on me has been watching the death toll rise into the almost incomprensible. There is no bad guy to rage against, no way to undo the loss. A disaster like this just is. All we can do is remember most everyone reading this is rich by comparison and we should contribute to the relief efforts if we possibly can.


Some of you who know me in person instead of just online have noticed that the Hacker’s Diet has been working for me and I have lost weight. I had planned this week to go get some new clothes and on my vacation give myself a treat, perhaps some new shoes or a trip to my favorite hot tub place.

Instead, I’ve sent $500 to the International Red Cross/Red Crescent.

If my outfits look a little poorly fitted, it’s just because I’m wearing someone else’s well-being instead of my size.

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Dinah from Kabalor

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One thought on “On the quiet side”

  1. Dinah, You could always give the Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake an extra nudge. No worries about the wardrobe then. Seriously though, well done, on both counts.


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