Spend in accordance with your values

MetaGrrrl is anti-sweatshop. I just bought a bunch of great shirts and some nice plain cotton thermal underwear (which seems to have gotten oddly hard to find elsewhere) from American Apparel. I encourage you to visit one of their stores. The people are nice, the colors are beautiful and the retail outlets often have stuff that’s not in the online catalog yet. (Unfortunately, that includes the thermal pants, so my quest for pink ones in my size continues…)

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3 thoughts on “Spend in accordance with your values”

  1. One caveat though: when they say wash warm, they mean it. I didn’t think the water was that hot, but I handwashed my new red t-shirt and then my new black long sleeve and set it on top of the red shirt before hanging them up to dry, and now the red shirt has black streaks across it. 😦


  2. Dude, the point is to pressure companies to improve worker conditions by giving our money to the ones who treat people better. When it starts hitting Old Navy’s bottom line that people won’t buy sweatshop goods, then they’ll change their ways and probably not by going under, but by improving worker conditions in other countries.
    This whole “power of the market to effect change” thing is a little new to you, I guess. Maybe looking back at the history of boycotts of companies investing in apartheid or cosmetic manufacturers doing animal testing would help. Anyone else have some other good examples? Seems like the current anti-genetically-modified food campaign in Europe is another good case.


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